New Office Location

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We have moved to 5809 Stoddard Rd #107, Modesto, CA 95356.  Office phone number (209) 883-6149.

Tagging-Graffiti Needs To Be Controlled

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Seems that the gangs are taking over many of our lovely neighborhoods!  I would like your thoughts…would you support legislation to create a low-grade felony law that would allow the local authority (judges & probation department, etc) to require a convicted offender to wear a device for a one to five year term during his/her probation period.  I think other potential offenders to stay away from the convicted offender and would thus isolate him/her.  Multiple this process with several offenders and we’ll start to break the gang groups apart and eliminate tagging and graffiti…or at least minimize it!

The Rich Are Getting Richer

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I think the rich are getting richer, middle class is getting left behind and the poor can’t find a way (or don’t care) to improve the life style!  Think of this; the rich can borrow money at very low rates to purchase distressed properties and or improve their current assets and when (and it will) the economy improves to more traditional levels, their net worth will increase 10 fold!  You watch how many millionairs and billionairs will surface in the next 5 years!  All the while, middle class was hit extremely hard by the “Great Recession”!  They don’t have the ablility because of their personal cirumstances to borrow money…at almost any rate…to finance and or develop an estate for their family.  They are forced to set on the sidelines watching others taking advantage of the downturn without the ability to change or alter their destiny!

New Homes In Ripon – Interest List Forming!


INTEREST LIST IS FORMING***CenCal Pacific is building 12 Classic new homes near downtown Ripon.  Ripon Place will be a great neighborhood to call home!  For information call Kathy Glavaris at (209) 599-8686 office, or (209) 614-5967 cell.


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Ripon schools

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Interesting…most families that want to live in Ripon because of the school system and it’s reputation in providing an excellent learning atmosphere.  Seems like both the public and the christian school enjoy terrific following.  I would welcome your comments on this subject and be able to share with the world your thoughts and comments!  ENJOY!!!